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When you arrive, you’ll enter on the south side of our home through the gate. If you arrive at night, the yard and Airstream will be lit so you can easily make your way into the backyard.

Gate Lock – You’ll receive the code a few days before arrival. You will use this code to unlock and lock the deadbolt from the outside. Please lock from the inside too. There is a latch up top, so don’t miss that!

Lock Box – The lock box is attached to the hitch of the trailer. It’s a realtor-style lockbox and has a code we will provide along with the gate lock code. Please place the keys in the lockbox upon your departure. Send me an Airbnb message or text when you are departing so I know when it’s time to clean and get Zoe ready for our next guest.

Door Locks – The small key goes to the top lock. Note that this one locks and unlocks opposite of normal. Left is unlock, right is lock. The large key is for the bottom/deadbolt lock. It works like a typical lock.

Pool – While the pool has cooled down along with our nighttime temps, you are welcome to swim or sun. Pool towels are in the gray bucket labeled as such on the shelves. If you use the towels, please hang them on the clotheslines so I can wash them.

Chairs and Tables – Feel free to move the furniture around as you’d like. Some like shade and some like sun. Note that the orange table has a removable glass top, so you have to move it by the legs.

Airstream Awnings – We will have these in or out depending on the current weather and upcoming forecast. Wind can be deadly to awnings, so sometimes we have to put them away to protect them. They aren’t intuitive or easy to maneuver, so please leave this to us.

Door/Screen Door – The door can be closed all the way or you can have a screen door. If the door is fully open, it will latch onto the Airstream. You’ll need to unlatch it to close.

Lights – You’ll find light inside the door to the left. The two switches up top control light outside Zoe. You can turn them on if needed at night. The bottom row controls the awning light and main galley lights. You’ll also find a dimmer for the galley lights.

Windows – The windows can be a bit tricky. I am happy to show you how they work. I’ll also show you the ceiling ventilation. It makes cooling the Airstream just lovely when it’s cooler outside.

You’ll find the perfect vacation kitchen waiting for you.


No matter the time of day you arrive, you might need a little something before you head out. You’ll find yogurt, string cheese sticks, oatmeal and some ramen (who doesn’t love ramen?), coffee and tea. Perfect for a snack or for breakfast. Phoenix has some pretty horrific water (it’s fine for bathing and such) as far as taste, so we’ll have chilled filtered water in the fridge and some extra gallons stored for you too.

Don’t plan on cooking?

Good. We have plenty of amazing restaurants nearby! And, if you bring anything back to the Airstream, you can always store it in the fridge and reheat in the microwave. You’ll also find plenty of plates, bowls and silverware.

Heat up water in the electric kettle for coffee (in the French press), tea (in the tea pot), or for oatmeal or ramen. Seriously, how do people get by without a simple electric kettle? It’s just so darn versatile.

Want to cook?

Good. We’ve got that covered too. Now, it’s an Airstream, so it’s not a large kitchen space but people do live in them full-time so anything’s possible. You can cook on the gas stove top or in the oven. Note that the oven does require a lighter to start the pilot light. Along with the kitchen basics, you’ll find cooking utensils, a few mixing bowls, a small skillet and sauce pan plus two baking dishes.

Non-meat kitchen scraps can be saved and added to our compost bucket. No dishwasher, so dishes are done by hand. Also, the Airstream does not have a garbage disposal, so anything solid needs to go in the trash or into compost.

The Layout

Dinette/Couch – The dinette can transform into a couch. I’ve most like already created the space you want, but if you want to change it, I’m happy to show you how it all works.

  • Dishes are in the cabinets above the sink.
  • Silverware and cooking utensils are in the drawers below the sink.
  • A pot and pan is below the oven.
  • The stove runs on gas and has to be lit with the ignition knob like a grill.
  • To use the oven you’ll have to start the pilot light inside. I can show you how.

Radio – You will find this above the dinette/couch in the right cabinet. You’ll also find the DVD player here.

Vacuum – You’ll find this in the middle cabinet over the dinette/couch in case you need to pick anything up.

Extra Drinking Water – Also in the middle cabinet.

Games – There are a few games in the left cabinet above the dinette/couch.

Lights – The overhead lights and dimmer are below the TV. There are two reading lights above the bed for your convenience as well.

Thermostat – You’ll find the thermostat in the bedroom. It is digital and you can easily change the temperate or the fan speed (auto, low, med, high) as you’d like. If you will be gone during the day, please consider turning the temperature up to conserve energy. In Arizona, electricity costs 4X more from noon to 7pm M-F (known as peak time). We do our best to shift our energy usage to non-peak times, and if you’d do the same, we – along with the environment – say thanks!

Extra Towels – In the bedroom area in the left upper cabinet.

Blankets – In the bedroom area in the upper right cabinet. We store them as it takes quite a long time before it really cools down here at night.

You’ll find a vanity with sink, counter and mirror plus a shower and separate toilet in the bathroom. Yes, the toilet flushes and works just like a house-toilet. Well, more like an airplane toilet just not as scary. The shower is quite spacious for a little Airstream. We have provided shampoo, conditioner and body wash so you can pack lighter. You’ll also find towels and washcloths.

Water Tanks – The shower and sink water flow into a “grey tank” with a 30-gallon capacity so a super long shower isn’t going to be a good plan. There is a monitor panel on the wall so you can check how full it is and alert us when it needs to be emptied, typically once a day…unless you are really into doing a lot of dishes along with your showers. Press the button that says GREY to see the status. If you see it creep into the 80s or 90’s, please let me know and I’ll drain it. If you will be staying for a few days, I can show you how to do this if you’d like.

Click on the name of any restaurant to be taken to it’s Facebook page.

Duza’s Kitchen

Located at 2243 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85006
Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee
You’ve never had a better breakfast. The owner/chef cooks every meal to perfection and presents it just the same.

El Chullo

Located at 2605 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85006
Lunch, Dinner
Have you ever had Peruvian food? If you have, you’ll love El Chullo. If not, you need to go.

Gadzooks Enchiladas and Soup

Located at 3313 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85014
Lunch, Dinner
Whenever my mom comes to town, we eat at Gadzooks at least twice. It’s that good. Whether you love slow braised meat or are a vegetarian, you will have very happy tastebuds here. Locally owned.

La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop

Located at 1919 North 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85006
Lunch, Dinner, Weekend Brunch
At least 25 different salsas every day. Never had pecan salsa? You need this in your life.

Ollie Vaughn’s

Located at 1526 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85006
Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee
Beautiful buildout and wonderful patio. The only true croissant you’ll find in Phoenix. Best sandwich around. Owner is a neighborhood resident.

The Coronado

Located at 2201 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85006
Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, Dinner, Late Nights
Vegan and vegetarian food served up by a local foodie. Coffee, drinks and desserts too.

Details coming soon!

Details coming soon!

Let future guests know about something they should do too!

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