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The KonMari Method + me by your side = a decluttered, tidy, well-organized home. It’s going to spark some serious joy.
Create a home that’s “30 minutes, or less, to company-ready” with The Tidy Bungalow.

About Me

Starting with my move to Arizona to attend ASU, I became quite good at organizing aka cramming as much stuff as possible into my life but in an organized manner. Wherever I lived looked great, but upkeep was time-consuming. My stuff just moved from spot to spot; it was overwhelming.

Fast forward nearly two decades and now I have an organized home but this time, it isn’t overwhelming. My home is calm, peaceful and joyful. Upkeep is minimal. Instead of spending my free time organizing my stuff, I enjoy free time simply enjoying my home.

The transformation came from ‘KonMari-ing’ my home. As detailed in The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up┬áby Marie Kondo, I decluttered and then organized what I kept making sure each item sparked joy. My studies continue and I make each session with my clients another opportunity to learn and hone my skills.


As a graduate of the KonMari Consultant Seminar, I have learned first-hand from KonMari and her associates. The in-depth instruction allows me to be more effective working with clients one-on-one as they tidy using the KonMari Method.
A KonMari Consultant in Training, my studies continue and I take my experience working with each client to heart for future clients.
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Want to tidy your home but still have questions? Interested in learning more about the KonMari Method? I’d be happy to chat with you over the phone.


Schedule a Home Tidying Session

Your decluttered, tidy, well-organized home will be that much closer. It’s going to spark some serious joy.

Ready to get started? Wonderful! I am so excited for you to be 30-minutes or less to company-ready. After our first tidying session, you can choose to schedule additional sessions to continue through the categories.

I will schedule a call with you before we meet to get to know you a bit better and to review the KonMari Method. During our first in-person session, I will complete a full interview to learn your goals around decluttering, tidying and organizing. This allows me to customize the session to your ideal lifestyle.

The Order In Which We Tidy
  • clothing
  • books
  • papers
  • all other (kitchen, laundry, cleaning items, sports equipment, hobby items, etc.)
  • sentimental items (sentimental according to you, ex: pictures, heirlooms, trophies, stuffed animals, etc.)

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