Welcome to Bungalow35, home of Zoe, the Airstream.

Our 2017 23FB Flying Cloud hosts visitors from around the world.

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Hello, I’m Amber. Welcome to Bungalow35!

First, a little bit about the namesake… Built in 1935, my historic bungalow has weathered many seasons and has a good story or two to tell. She is welcoming, cozy, charming and filled with light. Situated in the Coronado Historic Neighborhood, Bungalow35 is near downtown Phoenix in the heart of the Valley of the Sun.

Guests and travelers are welcome to stay in Zoe, the Airstream perched in the backyard by the pool. We’ve been lucky to host some wonderful guests these past 10 months and share the whimsy of the Airstream life and our sweet little neighborhood. Kids play, dogs walk their people, neighbors chat out front or stop by to pick up a book from our Little Free Library. Every day. And, I love it.

Bungalow35 is my home-base for life, laughter, family, friends and business. It serves as my creative inspiration for design, decluttering and organization. When you live in a rather small home (a little less than 1400 sq. ft.) you have to get creative about with your space and the lack of storage. The book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo helped me¬†declutter and organize my own home and set me on the path to becoming a professional organizer. If you’d like to check out my business, please visit me at www.thetidybungalow.com. I love working with my clients to declutter, organize and create joyful space.

Whether you stop by for a quick minute or stay a while, welcome to Bungalow35.



Amber & Kevin


Because why wouldn’t you take your wedding pictures in an alley?


Coronado is full of murals, so venture out!


Bungalow35 gets a lot of its magic from the surrounding neighborhood. We hope you enjoy exploring it as much as we do.

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